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The 22 Best Sex Toys for Men - Whether You're With a Partner or Riding Solo | 22 đồ chơi tình dục tốt nhất cho nam giới, gay, trai

Đăng lúc 05:45:01 18/02/2021

If the last year has taught us anything, it's that life can easily become redundant, and moments of pleasure are few and far between. So it's understandable why many have taken this time to build out (or start from scratch) their collection of sex toys. And we mean many. In the first months of the pandemic, sex toy sales grew as much as 200 percent across various brands, proving just how hornt up America got in isolation—and amplifying how sex toy enthusiasm has spread in recent years. As isolation continues, the search for pleasure does too.

The 22 Best Sex Toys for Men 22 đồ chơi tình dục tốt nhất cho nam giới, gay, trai


- In the realm of male sex toys, the latest innovations and designs are intriguing. Textured masturbation sleeves. Prostate massagers with multiple levels of intensity. Anal beads for you, anal beads for your partner. Even a full-on masturbation chamber that looks like it could compete in a Formula One race from the luxury sex gods at Lelo. Once you start taking advantage of them, you'll wonder why you ever didn't.

- First, a few things to keep in mind. Many of the following sex toys can be used solo or with a partner of any gender. Creativity is an asset, but always refer to instructions when you need guidance.

- Talk openly and confirm consent if you're incorporating anything into partnered sex. If you're a beginner, go slow—use the lowest setting, the smallest size, the least vibrations, etc. Keep your toys charged. And pay no mind to the cringe-y names for some of these products; they do what they gotta do.

- Now, these are the 20 best male sex toys, accessories, and devices that can help turn your sex life on its head, no matter how many or how few are participating in it with you. Keep in mind that most sex toy retailers utilize covert shipping procedures, so a box won't land on your front porch whose labeling screams that you just ordered cock rings. Try one, or a bunch, out this year.

Penis Ring Set PALOQUETH

- Play mix-and-match with this set of four different silicone rings. They don't vibrate, but sometimes sensation isn't derived from fancy bells and whistles.

Goodhead Vibrating Helping Head Pro

- The inside of this silicone penis sleeve is textured, and a mini vibrating bullet slips into the head to send sensation through, well, the head, whether you're masturbating or fore-playing.

Pearl Vibrating Anal Wand

- Step into the bead realm with this wand: a string of beads that sends vibrations up from the base in seven different variations. Start with inserting just one or two of the beads, and then work your way up from there.

Cock and Ball Ring

- A cock ring and then some, this silicone cock-and-ball toy slips over both to escalate intensity and pleasure, sans a battery pack or charge.

Sensation Swirl Blowjob Stroker

- This device is for the orally inclined. Designed to feel like an actual mouth, you can use it on yourself. It's also great for couples where one of you loves receiving, but the other is not particularly keen on giving.

Rocket Ring

- Slip this over a penis, and it'll slow down but intensify the experience, as well as spread the good vibes to your partner's clitoris.

Wave-Motion Vibrating Prostate Massager

- If you (or you and your partner) are interested in motorized prostate and perineum stimulation, Phanxy makes a simple, affordable massager with nine speeds.  

Penis Vacuum Pump

- To fully prep for a sexual encounter, try an automated pump that uses suction to bring more blood to the penis. 

Easy Beat Egg 6-Pack

- Sometimes, good things come in small packages. The Tenga masturbation egg has an elastic inside that fits over any size and comes pre-lubricated. This pack includes various textures for an added level of pleasure, from a silky lining to a wavy one. 

Wild Thing Vibrating Cock Ring

- This 10-speed penis ring is designed to vibrate, stimulating the penis and testicles while simultaneously stimulating your partner's clitoris or perineum. With the remote control, you can do it to yourself, or leave the chosen intensity of teasing up to a partner for a bit of submissive stimulation.

Dual Density Dilly

- Should you be shopping around for a dildo, this one is a winner—available in two sizes and five colors, and with a suction base. To add to the appeal, New York Toy Collective's products are artisanal and handmade, and the brand itself is dedicated to sex positivity.

Renegade Ball-Tugging Stroker

- The vibrating stroker is only half the story here. This toy is also equipped to stimulate the testicles, so there's very little left for you to do on your own.

Crystal Kink Couple's Sex Toy Kit

- If you and your partner aren't 100 percent sure what you're into—or you do know, and what you're into is variety—then this kit of sex toy basics covers plenty of bases (eight, to be exact). Experiment happily.

Fleshlight Turbo Blue Ice Blowjob Simulator

- Fleshlight is probably the most infamous of any male sex toy brand. At this point, you can even custom design a Fleshlight to a very specific liking. But this non-anatomical, ice-blue Fleshlight, which tightens and loosens to your preference, more than gets the job done.

Helix Syn Trident Anal Prostate Massager

- Vibrations can be too much sometimes—too intimidating or too fast. Aneros makes a rubber prostate massager that doesn't require a battery to feel good, thanks to the angling of the head.

Loki Prostate Massager

- The Loki has a stylish design and a clear purpose: to massage the prostate (but not the perineum). Its size is substantial without being overlarge, so consider it a worthy addition to your regular routine with your partner.

Pulse Solo Essential Stimulator

- This sleeve pulses and oscillates to upgrade male masturbation without you having to put in a whole lot of manual labor. In fact, it's been dubbed the "world's first guybrator." 

Duke Prostate Massager

- There isn't a sensitive spot this vibrating massager doesn't hit—prostate, deeper than the prostate, and perineum. Consider it your highly efficient, highly nuanced, one-stop shop for anal pleasure.


- The Manta looks menacing, but rest assured, it's not. This is a penis toy meant to make masturbation—or stimulation controlled by your partner—feel intensely pleasurable, with battery-powered vibrations and a ribbed design in the loops.

F1s Developer's Kit Red

- Lelo has one of the most high-tech masturbation machines on a market. The F1 sends sonic waves through your penis for an elevated experience, with multiple settings accessed through an app to cater to your whims. Consider treating yourself.

Rimming Plug Petite

- If you're interested in trying a butt plug, B Vibe's version is on the smaller size—a.k.a good for beginners—with a vibrating tip and remote control. 

Organic Water-Based Lube

- On a final note: When it comes to toys, try a lubricant that's water based, like Yes's organic option. Silicon-based lubes break down silicon toys (and condoms!), literally disintegrating them. That isn't great for your toys, or whatever else that residue might be rubbing off in/on/etc. Keep this in mind for condoms, too, which come in an array of natural and organic options.


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