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What is 3D Male Penis? How many types are there now?

Đăng lúc 03:07:57 10/01/2022

When it comes to sex toys for women, it is impossible not to mention the penis. The penis has been considered an invaluable companion for single women, for couples who want to change the air. room. There are many functions such as vibrating, rotating, swiping, indenting, and can even warm up the little girl. With Penis, you can completely find the ultimate pleasure like real love and more.

Top 4 most popular types of penis today

dochoitinhduc18 will introduce you to popular types of Penis

What is a prosthesis?  How many types are there now?

1. Handy wall mounted 3D dildo

It is the most popular and most used wall-mounted fake cue model today. With great advantages such as:

  • Suitable for many positions when having sex: You can stand, sit, kneel, lie down or any position you like.
  • Simply attach them (inhale) to the adhesive surface, all that's left is to enjoy the moment of ecstasy

2. Hand-held 3D dildo to help women get to the top

Compared with fixed 3D penis products, or wall mounted 3D dildos, handheld prosthesis or handheld prosthesis allows the user to actively adjust the depth and speed of the internal penis. Her vagina as well as can rotate the penis in many positions to find the G-spot in the vagina, from which there are experiences of ecstasy, pleasure, easy orgasm. Hand-held dildos have both electric and non-electrical types, automatically picking, indenting, pumping, ... With many different designs allowing users to freely choose according to their preferences. mine.

What is a prosthesis?  How many types are there now?

3. Penis with strap – 2 heads for Les

3D Penis With Strap – Penis Price 2 Heads is one of the sex toys most loved by the Lesbian community today. Designed to simulate a real penis but with a strap included. so it is extremely flexible, easy to rotate as well as giving you the feeling of playing with a real partner. Emotional outbursts are extremely stimulating, intense. This is a very interesting choice for Les couples. Why? Because both of you will be able to play together, climax together and enjoy together with 2 penises. In addition, Thesexshop has also classified by main function into 2 categories:

  • Vibrating Penis – Fake Vibration – Controlled Penis
  • Smooth penis – Penis does not vibrate

4. 3D penis with vibrating indentation was born to bring happiness to women

What is a prosthesis?  How many types are there now?

Never standing still or backing down, most 3D fake Cu Rung products have amazing changes year by year. Improving performance, adding modern features and putting into use a safe silicon source is being done very well. In addition, high-end fake cu models also own many eye-catching designs, often changing impressive designs, so many women appreciate their ability to fight independently. Not stopping there, researchers continue to research and develop a fast charging feature in less than 30 minutes to fully charge the battery of the versatile vibrator, which will help couples not have to wait long during use. .

Steps to use restorations for best results

Usually, the use of cheap 3D dildos is easy for all women who have tried. However, to get the most out of this tool, you need to follow the suggestions below:

What is a prosthesis?  How many types are there now?

  1. Charge the power, install the battery fully> Then test the product to ensure stable operation, not to celebrate, break the wire.
  2. Use condoms and supportive lubricants if you really don't trust this cock. Use supporting products to give you peace of mind and confidence to make your love more intense
  3. Discover engaging, intense and emotional romance movies to make the most of your space

After being satisfied, do not forget to clean the tool, ensuring safety for the next use.

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